Nikon Cameras
1951 Nikon S Camera1955 Nikon S2 CameraNikon SPBSPS-3S4
1951 Nikon S1955 Nikon S21957 Nikon SP Black1958 NikonSP1958 Nikon S31959 Nikon S4
1960 Nikkorex 35 Camera
1960 Nikon F Camera
1961-Nikon-F-Photomic Camera
1962 Nikkorex 35-2 Camera
1962 Nikon F Photomic Camera
1963 Nikkorex Zoom 35 Camera
1960 - Nikkorex 35 1960 Nikon F 1961 Nikon F Photomic 1962 Nikkorex 35-2 1962 Nikon F Photomic 1963 Nikkorex Zoom 35
1962-65 Nikkorex F camera
1965-Nikkorex-Auto-35 Camera
1965 Nikkormat FT Camera
1965 Nikkormat FS Camera
1966 Nikon Photomic T Camera
1966 Nikkor F7
1962-65 Nikkorex F 1965-Nikkorex-Auto-35 1965 Nikkormat FT 1965 Nikkormat FS 1966 Nikon Photomic T 1966 Nikkor F & F-250MD
Nikor Auto 351968 Nikon F Photomic FTN Camera1969 Nikkor F Camera1970 Nikon Photomic FTN Camera1971 Nikon F2 Photomic Camera1972 Nikomat EL Camera
1966 Nikon Auto 351968 Nikon F Photomic FTN1969 Nikkor F1970 Nikon Photomic FTN1971 Nikon F2 Photomic1972 NikormatEL2
1975 Nikkormat FT2 Camera1976 Nikon EL2 CameraF2 MF1977 Nikon F2AS Photomic Camera1977 Nikkormat FT3 Camera77 Nikkormat
1975 Nikkormat FT21976 Nikon EL21976-Nikon-F2-with-MF-11977 Nikon F2AS Photomic1977 Nikkormat FT3-Chrome1977 Nikkormat FT3-Black
1978 Nikon FE Camera 1980 Nikon F3 Camera 1983-87 Nikon FA Camera
1985 Nikon N2000 Camera
1988 Nikon FG
1988 Nikon F4s Camera
1978 Nikon FE 1980 Nikon F3 1983-87 Nikon FA 1985 Nikon N2000 1982 Nikon FG 1988 Nikon F4s
1996 Nikon F5 Camera

1996 Nikon F5
NIKONOSNikonos IInikonos III1980 nikonosNikonos V
1963 Nikonos I1968 Nikonos II1977 Nikonos III1980 Nikonos IV-A1984 Nikonos V
Nippon Kogaku K.K. (Nikon)  was formed from merging smaller optical firms into one entity in 1917. Nippon Kogaku was virtually unknown outside of Japan until after WWII. Prior to the war they manufactured a huge variety of items: binoculars, transits, telescopes, microscopes and other optical and scientific instruments as well as Leica copy lenses for Kwanon cameras (Canon). When World War Two hit the stage Nippon Kogaku was chosen by the Japanese military establishment to be their main producer of optical ordinance. Nippon Kogaku grew to include as many as twenty factories by the end of the war. During the Allied Occupation Nippon Kogaku was reorganized  to produce only civilian products and only one factory was allowed to operate. Production of pre war items such as microscopes and binoculars began almost immediately after the war. The decision to produce a camera was made and in 1947 the first camera was introduced to the public as the Nikon (NIppon KOgaku)   The new Nikon was essentially a mix of the best features of the Leica and the Contax. The camera had a striking resemblance to the Contax with a Leica style focal plane shutter.  Even the bayonet mount lenses were interchangeable with the Contax mount. In 1959 the Nikon F SLR was introduced and Nikon cameras quickly became the benchmark for all other manufacturers. Nikon continues to create innovative cutting edge cameras. 8