1958 Nikon SP
nikon rf
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With dual viewfinders, the Nikon SP has a total of six focal length frame lines. The main viewfinder has 1x magnification and by rotating a dial under the rewind crank you can select color coded frame lines for 50 mm, 85 mm, 105 mm and 135 mm, these frames are parallax-corrected and a focusing patch appears in the center. The second, smaller viewfinder to the left of the main viewfinder has non-parallax corrected frame lines for 35 mm. The entire window acts as a frame for 28 mm lenses. A non rotating shutter speed dial was a first for Nikon as was the battery operated motor drive offered. Motor drives are very difficult to find. The “P” in SP stands for professional and the Nikon SP is considered by many the best Rangefinder camera ever made. With a small production run of approximately 165,000 cameras they are very desirable to collectors. In 1959, the Nikon F went into production and far out sold the SP. Production continued in small batches until 1962.