1969 Nikkor F
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1969 Nikkor F  is an extremely rare German market Nikon F that has been rebranded "Nikkor"  to avoid confusion (and probably lawsuits) with Zeiss Ikon.  Nikon, Zeiss Ikon. Whatever. Even the Zeiss Ikon Icarex 35 CS  would be difficult to confuse with the Nikon F. No comparison. This rather uncommon black version has the non-metered pentaprism finder known as the "eye-level" finder (as opposed to the "waist level").  Nikon made all the accessories available to the Nikon F in other counties available to the German market with the Nikkor name during this period. An expensive proposition for such a relatively small market. This example comes with the f1.4 / 50mm Nikkor-S lens. This example also has the electric motor drive (F-36) plate installed.