1963 Nikonos I
nikon rf
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Originally designed by Jacques-Yves Cousteau and Belgian engineer Jean de Wouters and produced in France by La Spirotechnique in 1961. Nikon was contacted by La Spirotechnique (now Aqua Lung) through an intermediary Teikoku Sanso KK  about producing and marketing the camera, then known as the Calypso. In 1963 the Nikonos was introduced and the age of underwater photography was born. Able to dive to 165 feet and withstand cold temperatures, the compact die-cast aluminum 35mm viewfinder camera uses a unique O ring technology to achieve water tightness. The camera features a vertical metal focal plane shutter, Albada bright line finder, automatic film counter and accessory shoe. Standard lens is the UW-35mm f2.5