Olympus Cameras in Collection
1959 Olympus PEN Camera 1965 Olympus Pen EM Camera
1968-71 Olympus Pen EES-2 Camera
1974 Olympus OM-1 MD Camera
1959 Olympus PEN1965 Olmpus Pen EM 1968-71 Olympus Pen EES-21974 Olympus OM-1 MD1974 OM 1 with
 250 Film Back 1 & Winder 2

1975 Olympus OM-2 MD CameraOM 10OM-G
1975 Olympus OM-2 MD1979 OM-101982 Olympus OM-G

Olympus began by making microscopes in 1920 under the name of Takachiho Seisakusho. Olympus made its first camera in 1936 (the "Semi-Olympus") and in 1949 changed it's name to Olympus Optical Co. Ltd. (adopting the name of its cameras) and still makes both cameras and microscopes today under that name.
Olympus has often managed to squeeze the full functions of a quality camera into a smaller and lighter body. In addition to their light and compact full frame models, Olympus created a line of popular half frame models in the 60's and 70's, the famous PEN cameras, so named because they were as small and convenient as putting a pen in your pocket.