1974 Olympus OM-1 MD

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1974 Olympus OM-1 MD  is basically the same camera as the original OM-1 of 1973 but accepts a motor drive, hence the initials MD.  The OM-1 was Olympus'  first 'system' SLR, with a wide range of bayonet mounted lenses, bellows, copy stands, and microscope attachments available. A match needle CdS-TTL meter was incorporated into the prism. Physically, the OM's are much smaller than the rival Nikon's or Canon's of the time with all the same features or more packed in. Quite a feat.  My Father bought this camera in 1975 at the Rhein-Main Airbase PX and for his wife's use.  The lens is an F Zuiko f1.8 / 50mm.