1974 Olympus OM-1 w/ 250 Film Back 1 & Winder 2
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To go with the smallest, most versatile compact 35mm SLR of the era, the OM-1, was the smallest, most compact 250 exposure back for a 35mm SLR, the Film Back 1 shown here. Also, the Winder 2 was the fastest motor drive of its time at 5 frames per second. Not bad for a company that was 13 years late in getting into the Professional SLR game. There were 35mm SLR’s before Nikon’s F in 1959 but the introduction of the “F” was the beginning of the modern 35mm SLR era and Olympus took until 1972 to introduce it’s first professional 35mm SLR, the OM-1 (not counting the half frame Olympus PenF SLR of 1963 and the short-lived 42mm screw mount FTL of 1971). Not bad indeed.