1970 Exakta RTL1000 ver.3

1938 Exakta

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Popular in Europe, the Exakta RTL1000 shown here has the standard non-TTL prism. Made in Dresden, East Germany the RTL1000 is not considered by purists as a “real” Ihagee Exakta as the only thing in common with earlier Exaktas is the lens mount and was made by VEB Pentacon. After World War II the remnants of Zeiss Ikon’s Contax, Ihagee, VEB Kamerawerke Freital, Meyer-Optik Gorlitz and other Dresden factories were incorporated into VEB Pentacon. By the 1970’s the Praktica brand cameras were their biggest sellers and the Exakta RTL1000 has more similaries in manufacture to the Praktica than the earlier Exaktas. This example has the standard lens, the Meyer-Optik Oreston 50mm f1.8. This camera was originally owned by the sculptor, Tom Allen, my uncle.