Miyagawa Seisakusho cameras in collection
35 picny38boltax 1941 Boltax 47 SILVER 51 picny
1935 Picny

1938 Boltax I 1941 Boltax III 1947 Silver

 1951 Picny 35
 Miyagawa Seisakusho of Tokyo was a Japanese company begun around 1935 and distributed their cameras through the Mitsukoshi department stores. It made the Picny, a 127 film camera based on the German Wirgin Gewirette camera. It also made the Boltax cameras using Bolta film. The company survived the war and post war production, started with the 1947 Silver, a variation of the pre- war Boltax but now with auto-stop advance. In 1948, it released the Picny B, a redesigned camera also using Bolta film and another slightly larger camera, the Picny 35 using 35mm film.  Miyagawa perhaps also made other cameras called Royal before disappearing. Not much is known about this manufacturer.