Canon cameras in collectionL
1949 Canon IIb Camera
1956 Canon VT Camera
1957 Canon VT de luxe Camera
1958-61 Canon P "Populaire" camera 1958-60 Canon VI-T Camera
1949 Canon  IIb 1956 Canon VT 1957 Canon VT
de luxe
1958-61 Canon P "Populaire" 1958-60 Canon VI-T 1961- 64 Canon Model 7
  1961-64 Bell & Howell/Canon 7 Camera

1964-1967 Canon 7s Camera

1961-64 Bell & Howell/Canon 7 1964-67 Canon 7s
1970 New Canonet QL17-L blank
1959 Canonflex Camera1961 64 Canon RM Camera1966 Canon Pellix QL CameraF-1EFF-1n
1959 Canonflex1961  64 Canon RM1966 Canon Pellix Q72-Canon -F173-Canon-EF77-Canon-F1n
In 1933 Seiki Kogaku (Precision Optical Research Laboratory) came into being manufacturing 35mm rangefinder cameras.  The name Canon Camera Company was adopted in 1947. The Canon name was derived from it's pre-war cameras which were named Kwanon. Canon made a series of rangefinder cameras through 1968 that were quite innovative and are sought after as both collectibles and users.  In 1959 Canon began manufacturing a line of SLR cameras in direct competition with the newly introduced Nikon F. This competition continues to this day.  Canons were distributed in the USA by Bell & Howell. Some models can be found with either Canon or Bell & Howell/Canon engraved on them.