1972 Canon F-1

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Canon's answer to the Nikon F was the Canonflex of 1959. Not a very good answer as it turns out. The F1 of 1971 was worthy of the word "Professional". A "system" camera, the F1 offered all the same options as the Nikon F (and Topcon RE Super): interchangeable finders, close up accessories, a motor drive and a bulk film back, among other things. The rivalry for SLR supremacy with Nikon had begun and continues to this day. Offered only in Black, the F1 is a beautifully crafted camera as you might expect from Canon. The FD lenses were offered to replace both the earlier FL and R lens mounts, which can still be used but with limitations. The 50mm f1.8 lens was the cheaper option for this camera with both an f1.4 and an f1.2 lens offered for slightly more. Minor modifications were made in 1976 and subsequent models until 1981 are called the F-1n. In 1981 a completely redesigned F-1 was offered and was called the "New F-1", now simply known as the F-1N.