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Leitz 1890-1903 Model No. 3  Macro and  Microphotographic Apparatus
1890-1903 Model No. 3  Macro and  Microphotographic Apparatus
Ernst Leitz I’s elder son, Ludwig, was given the task of developing E. Leitz Optical Works entry into Micro and Macro photography. This set-up represents his first real complete system for both micro and macro medium format photography. Please note the ivory name plate on the top back of the camera.
Leitz 1930's Large skin (Capillary)  “LC” Microscope
1930's Large skin (Capillary)  “LC” Microscope
Serial No. 299544
Leitz 1900’s Demonstration Microscope
1900’s Demonstration Microscope Leitz 1930 GUF Greenough Binocular Microscope 1930 GUF Greenough Binocular Microscope
Leitz 1900 "Greenough" Stereo Microscope
1900 "Greenough" Stereo Microscope Leitz 1934 Binocular Microscope with “Lucifer” lamp 1934 Binocular Microscope with “Lucifer” lamp
Leitz 1910 ‘Edinger’ Apparatus
1910 ‘Edinger’ Apparatus
who is considered the founder of modern
Leitz 1940–41 Trichinoscope
1940–41 Trichinoscope
Serial No. 338389

Leitz 1915 Microphotographic Outfit 1915 Microphotographic Outfit
Comprised of the following items:
    Leitz Microscope Serial No. 117063
    “Micca” plate camera Serial No. 757
    "Stella” Microscope lamp
Leitz 1950's  Special Stand  “BMC” - Stereo Microscope
With 6 volt, 5 amp light source Serial No. 492423
Leitz 1920's “Xb” Microprojector
1920's “Xb” Microprojector
Serial No. 285551
Leitz 1920's URDIA simple microprojector
1920's URDIA simple microprojector Leitz 1950’s Inverted “Chemists” Microscope 1950’s Inverted “Chemists” Microscope
1920’s nickel plated reflected light microscope with special stand
(If anyone has more information about this microscope please contact us.)
Leitz 1950’s Polarized Light Microscope 1950’s Polarized Light Microscope
with 350-degree heated stage
Serial No. 531739
Leitz 1924 “Minor” Compound Pocket Microscope1924 “Minor” Compound Pocket MicroscopeEMPTYEMPTY
Leitz 1927 Metallurscope “MC” 1927 Metallurscope “MC”
Small inverted microscope with camera for examining metallic materials (Leitz New York Catalogue No. 1114) Serial No. 257970
Leitz 1950’s “Xb II” Microprojector 1950’s “Xb II” Microprojector
Used in schools and hospital for demonstation purposes. Serial No. A75174
Leitz 1927 Greenhough Dissecting Stereo
1927 Greenhough Dissecting Stereo
Binocular  Microscope

Leitz 1950's Gem Microscope
1950's Gem Microscope
Serial 404387
Leitz 1930’s Microphotographic  Outfit 1930’s Microphotographic Outfit
with light source
Leitz 1950’s Micro-Projector Model XI-c 1950’s Micro-Projector Model XI-c
Used in industrial and research laboratory for demonstation purposes.
Leitz 1930’s Petrographical  Microscope “KM”
1930’s Petrographical  Microscope “KM”
Leitz 1950 Large Universal Microscope  with inclined monocular and OPAK vertical illuminator
1950 Large Universal Microscope  with inclined monocular and OPAK vertical illuminator
Leitz 1930 "BSM" Binocular Wide Field Microscope
1930 "BSM" Binocular Wide Field Microscope
Leitz 1960’s PRADO Projector w/Microscope Attachment 1960’s PRADO Projector w/Microscope Attachment
This is one of many attachments which could be fitted to the PRADO