Return Museum
1900's Negatives Gallery

"Voyage de Midi"
Undated, presumably circa 1901
Card found with negatives
Obverse of card
Grandiose building in southern France
Cityscape with water front
Another view of the cityscape
Family sitting in garden
Unknown cityscape, view of the port 

August 1901 - Roll 3
Location Unknown
Card of "Anna de Rudbeck, medecin" found  in the box with the negatives. 
Building on waterfront - location unknown
Woman playing harp in villa garden.
Family outing in rowboat.
Family in sailboat
Family in the woods.
Family boating with Kodak Brownie Box Camera

October 2009 - Emile G. Simon of Brussels suggests that the photos were taken in or near the city of St. Malo in Britany. He notes the reference to the town of Dinard in the card for with the negatives, again in the St. Malo area of Britany. I think he is most likely correct, except there are two locations for the photos - one in the Midi and the other in or near St. Malo/Dinard.  For example, the "Grandiose building in southern France" has been identified as the Casino at Monte Carlo. On the other hand, "Family in sailboat" shows the family floating in a moored boat  numbered SM 45, probably a reference to St. Malo.  M. Simon also notes that "the building walls (visible in the background) were made of mixed stones or peebles and bricks. These seem to be more common in Northern France (the Western coast, around Britany)."

One big mystery remains - how did the negatives end up in a small box in the Geneva, Switzerland, flea market in the mid-1970's?