1939 Heidoscop for 613 cm plates
1939 Heidoscop
Before the Rolleiflex was the Heidoscop, It was the second camera made by Franke and Heidecke beginning in 1925 and continued production until 1940. The first version (1921-1934) was a different film size (45107 mm) but similar to this camera. The pair of taking lenses are 7.5cm f/4.5 Zeiss Tessars mounted in a stereo Compound shutter. The center lens is the viewing lens and is a Zeiss Tessar 'Sucher-Triplet'. The collapsible hood is very similar to the well known Rolleifex's and incorporates a ground glass viewing screen, focusing loupe, spirit level and a mirror for use as an eye level finder. Roll film or film pack backs were available for this model.