Perfex Cameras in Collection
1938-39 Perfex Speed Candid Camera 1939-40 Perfex Model 44 Camera 1940-41 Perfex Model 33 Camera 1942-45 Perfex Model 22 Camera 1940-45 Perfex Model 55 Camera
1938-39 Perfex Speed Candid 1939-40 Perfex Model 44 1940-41 Perfex Model 33 1942-45 Perfex Model 22 1940-45 Perfex Model 55
Candid Camera Corp. of America started production in 1938 with the low priced Speed Candid, the first American camera with a focal plane shutter.  The bakelite and metal Speed Candid also sported a non-coupled rangefinder, interchangeable lens capability, synched hot shoe and a built-in light meter.  In 1939 a new camera was introduced, an all metal Perfex 44. This camera had all the same features plus a coupled rangefinder and a faster shutter, an amazing 1/1250th of a second. 1940 saw a cheaper model, the 33 introduced and then rapidly their top-of-the-line 55 as well as the 22. All their cameras suffered from poor workmanship as well as design flaws and by 1947 the company saw a drastic decline in sales. Even cheaper cameras were introduced to improve sales but by 1949 the now named Camera Corp. of America was history. Close, but no cigar.