1946 to 1952  Brownie Target Six - 20
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1946 to 1952  Brownie Target Six - 20. is one in a long line of Kodak Brownies. Another of my father's acquisitions that I ended up with. I think he gave it to me "for the Museum" more as a joke than anything else. But here it is and one should remember that hundreds of thousands of these were sold and used in the USA.  My father adds that "While I was in college, one of the GI Bill students was complaining that he could get better pictures with a Brownie Box Camera than with the Leica he had "liberated" in Germany at the end of the war.  I offered to trade him my brownie box for the Leica and to my great surprise he accepted.  I got the camera and three lenses - Elmars 35, 50 and 90mm.  You still have the lenses.  It got me, and subsequently you, started on photography again."